If you believe in leading by example, you realize the importance of proper governance for your organization. Governance sets out the framework for the business purpose of the entity and the cultural and ethical environment in which the entity deals with its clients and employees.

The behaviours exhibited by and decisions made by the board members set the standard for those who implement them. The effectiveness and viability of enterprises depends on the performance of the people at the top. For this reason, excellence in board governance can be the only acceptable goal.

Achieving excellence in board governance is not easy. It fact, many board members admit that little in their careers to-date has come even close to preparing them for the difficulties of resolving the issues on a peer-to-peer basis. That is why many boards bring in the experienced outside resources of Western Management Consultants to help them with the assessment process, team building and plans of action.

Each board has its own individual personality, strengths and shortcomings. Working within the framework of the established situation, we open up the possibilities for various governance models, best practices and assessment processes. We help the board define the goals that they want to achieve and the methods by which they wish to work as a group. Roles, responsibilities, recruiting and relations are among the many aspects included in the work. In effect, we help boards create and implement plans for achieving excellence in board processes and decision-making.

Government Agency - Board Governance and Strategic Planning

Facilitated development of a strategic plan for a government agency. Project involved a significant board governance review to establish priorities. ...

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Implementation Support for the Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management and the First Na

Conducted an independent review of the Framework Agreement on First Nations’ Land Management and the First Nations Land Management Act, focusing on the process through which 14 First Nations assume direct responsibility for managing their Reserve lands (this study was informed by WMC’s national situation analysis of land management under the Indian Act; Assisted the Government of Canada and the signatory First Nations in amending the Framework Agreement to afford additional First Nations th...

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IT Resourcing Assessment

This college was serving a rapidly growing province. At the same time, demand for IT services was growing from the members and from the various groups within the college. WMC was engaged to determine the most appropriate numbers and types of IT skills and resources required to serve the requirements of the college. Starting with an Enterprise Assessment of the entire organization's strategy and followed by a Current State Assessment focusing specifically on IT (involving executive, IT and u...

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Strategic Economic Development Initiative - Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta, 2008

Project design, management, facilitation and documentation support for a joint regional economic development planning initiative involving the Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), the Government of Alberta (AEI) and Industry representatives....

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