Not-for-profit organizations come in many different forms – and with divergent missions, challenges and structures. They include hospitals, schools, universities, professional associations, social clubs, charities and government agencies.

They can range in size from thousands of employees to just a few. Depending on their mission, some provide charitable donation receipts while others do not. Some focus on providing services to members, and others work primarily with external clients.

Achieving accountability and organizational effectiveness is a constant challenge for not-for-profits. They must provide not only a good workplace for their employees, but also a satisfying environment for volunteers. They must deal with the same service delivery and governance issues faced by all organizations, but are also often charged with managing fundraising programs and member recruitment and retention initiatives. Fostering a sense of mission within and around the organization is a key performance indicator for many, as well.

WMC has worked with the complete spectrum of not-for-profit organizations. Depending on the assignment, we have worked with board members and/or senior management to deliver organizational assessments, provide executive search and coaching, support change management and board governance initiatives, and provide strategic planning and conflict resolution services.

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