Small, medium and family owned businesses are responsible for a large portion of social and economic activity in Canada. Consider:

  • Over 80% of Canadian GDP is generated by small and medium sized enterprises and are responsible for over 30% of total research and development expenditures in Canada.
  • Family owned enterprises employ more than 6 million people in Canada (both full time and part time) and create 70% of new jobs in North America.
  • Family owned enterprises provide more than 55% of all charitable donations.

The needs of these enterprises are unique and require customized strategies and approaches. WMC professionals are owner-managers in their own right and experience the same professional and personal challenges as do our clients who lead these enterprises. We understand, both intuitively and reflexively, their unique characteristics.

We understand the unique dynamics within a family business, and the challenges in recruiting outside talent to take the enterprise to the next level. We understand the diverse dynamics that impact ownership, management, and family decisions, and are skilled and empathetic advisors and navigators of this space.

We look at the enterprises you are in, how they work, who is involved, and the challenges and opportunities you face in the market place. The options we provide to deal with the issues at hand are based on a detailed and personalized consultative approach to respond to your unique needs.

Our consultants and search professionals have worked with many clients across a wide variety of sectors. What never changes is that we offer practical advice and support on helping you succeed.

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