It’s Not Just About Followers…

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Not just about followers 3

You often read articles about big Twitter influencers and 99/100 of those articles list user accounts that have large numbers of followers, describing those same people as the “Twitter power houses” of their area. But it’s rather more complex than that – sure if you have lots of Followers then you have potential power, but when you see how that Power actually gets used you often see a very different picture.

Here’s the active twitter conversations over a full month for the City where I live. The large circles represent the accounts with the most active relationships and it’s interesting to note that in terms of “# of Followers”, not one of the “top 10” accounts for my home town appear here. You gain this insight when you’re able to apply Degree Centrality analysis to the relationship map.

Not just about followers 1

But it gets even more interesting when you analyse the direction of these relationships and see who is engaging and tweeting and who is basically just sitting there and not engaging, not really responding – another very different picture emerges (see below). Oh – and if you’re just about to launch a campaign, you really do need to know who are the big circles in the diagram below – not the ones above.

Not just about followers 2

So if you are planning a Marketing campaign and you’re wondering where to engage and solicit help – who would you choose to reach out to? Those who have a passion about a subject and are actively engaged on a regular basis? Or those who just sit there, not engaging and do little?

You can apply this technique to many different types of network maps to identify who are the important relationships in your network for your business objectives and avoid the “one size fits all” approach of “they have lots of Followers”.

Mike Hughes – WMC Calgary

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