If your leadership team isn’t highly effective and fully functioning, your organization probably isn’t either.

WMC can help you build an effective leadership team – and a high functioning organization – by enabling the selection and assessment of individual team members, helping you evolve your organization’s design, and through individual or team-focused executive coaching programs custom-built to improve overall performance.

Our service delivery is customized to help you leverage your unique strengths and get the right leaders in the right roles. Components of the process include job and talent profiling, in-depth behavioural interviews, and scientifically accredited leadership assessments. We also have tools that help us measure emotional and other forms of intelligence.

When it comes to executive coaching, WMC takes a distinctly client-focused approach to helping leaders and key talent leverage their strengths for maximum business impact. Our method involves a high level of personal interaction between coach and client, and that helps us identify core issues and opportunities quickly. We then take a business case approach to defining issues, developing fact-based options and arriving at a risk-assessed solution in partnership with you.

WMC’s executive coaches are accomplished professionals with extensive experience in personal and organizational development, and organizational change and effectiveness. They bring wide-ranging business experience to private, public and owner-managed organizations of all types and sizes.

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 Example of a WMC program: 

WMC Leadership and Management Development Program – Business Skills

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