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Ludmila Jagiellicz

Primary: Vancouver Other Cities: Calgary , Edmonton , Toronto , Vancouver
Service Areas:
  • Governance
  • Strategic Management & Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Not for Profit & Associations
  • Professional Services

Ludmila brings extensive experience in helping organizations make critical choices about their future strategic direction and priorities.  As both a facilitator and contributor of critical insights, Ludmila helps management teams—and their boards—to identify their ‘fork in the road,’ focus on their choice of direction and commit to the actions that they will take to achieve desired goals.

Clients also look to Ludmila to help their teams with organizational challenges and establish effective practices in support of their future aims.  Ludmila brings a deep understanding of the roles that both senior management and boards play in instilling an inspiring and productive culture that engages the whole organization.

In addition to being an accomplished and seasoned facilitator, interviewer and researcher, Ludmila is also a talented presenter and scribe, helping clients articulate their strategic and business plans. Her approach is both highly collaborative and observant. Her insights and recommendations reflect a deep understanding of the internal and external challenges that face every organization.

Prior to joining WMC, Ludmila was a principal with Ernst & Young and a senior corporate manager with Canfor, working on projects in both Canada and the U.S.

Ludmila stays active in contributing to her community and her profession, and is currently the Chair of Arts Health Network Canada and contributor to other non-profit organizations.

Ludmila holds an Honours B.A. and an MBA, both from the University of Toronto.  She is a long-time Certified Management Consultant (C.M.C.) and has been conferred the designation of ‘Fellow.’