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As featured in the Calgary Herald – November 29, 2016 Focus on Leadership series.

WMC Offers Trusted Expertise

While change might be inevitable, success most certainly is not; that’s why it’s wise to use every tool available in the pursuit of prosperity.

With offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver, and more than 70 professionals, Western Management Consultants has helped business leaders and organizations across Canada to better understand and embrace

“Today’s business and economic environment has created a host of challenges that WMC sees as opportunities for Calgary’s leaders,” says Graeme Reid, office managing director.

“WMC is focused on helping seize the day by providing independent, highly objective advice that delivers inspiring results for clients.”

The company, with more than 40 years of experience, is built on four key strengths. Firstly, WMC’s uncommon resources make success possible.

“We are objective, independent and highly respected professional management consultants and executive search professionals who are multi-disciplinary in depth and breadth,” says Reid.

“Our team works in all functional areas of management, supporting profit, not for profit and government in a full range of industry sectors.”

Secondly, he says quiet confidence sets the tone.

“Our team is experienced, progressive, insightful and inspiring. We don’t seek recognition. We earn trusted adviser status.”

The firm’s leadership also prides itself on providing exceptional value to its wide range of clients.

The senior consultants own the client relationships, and those professionals strive to ensure the firm offers effective solutions, relevant expertise and thoughtful execution to provide successful short- and long-term outcomes.

And lastly, Reid says they have achieved consistent results over four decades by building enduring client partnerships that develop the clients’ own knowledge, expertise and confidence.

“When a problem is solved and positive change is achieved, that equals success,” he says. “Client fulfillment and peace of mind are our ultimate rewards.”

Ultimately, however, it is the company’s ability to assemble, equip and support a team of experts that has kept Western Management Consultants moving forward.

Over the years, WMC has built its team and retained its expertise by providing meaningful work that is built around innovation and continuous learning, while offering a flexible work environment that allows its employees to achieve the work/life balance that meets their individual needs.

“We also create an environment of career entrepreneurship, fostering a commitment mindset to help our talent to build successful and rewarding careers,” explains Reid.

Moving forward, he says the priorities for WMC will be to continue to attract the best consulting talent in the marketplace and to provide support and exceptional services to clients, enabling them to understand and respond effectively to change.

Calgary Herald, November 2016

Shannon Sutherland-Smith, Postmedia Content Works

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