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Damian Frith


Areas of Expertise

  • Asset Management

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Change Management & Organizational Development

  • Financial Management

  • Governance

  • Information Technology

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning

  • Project & Program Management

  • Sourcing Advisory & Vendor Management

  • Strategic Management & Planning


Damian Frith is a versatile Executive and Management Consultant with a 20-year track record of managing and advising organizations dealing with significant challenges - major transformation programs, unpredictable business performance, Information Technology challenges, contract and client relationship issues, misaligned business strategies, and weak operational disciplines.

He is an innovative and vastly experienced professional known for developing and implementing custom business solutions in high profile international corporations. He consistently provides valued services and impressive results on time and within budget. Damian liaises with client executives, team members, and vendors throughout complex transition and pivotal transformations initiatives spanning many service industries and business sectors.

Professional activity and educational background display a consistent theme - a keen focus on improved business performance, in many instances through an appropriate investment in technology. Known for high standards and pragmatism, he has been instrumental in improving customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and financial performance for his clients. Core strengths include: a demonstrated ability to rapidly diagnose complex organizational performance issues, strategy formulation and execution, adaptability, a focus on operational excellence and coaching and mentoring.

Damian’s education includes a Bachelor of Computing from the University of Ballarat (Australia) and a Master’s in Business Administration at Queens University (Canada).  He has been a certified Project Management Professional since 2007 and a Certified Management Consultant certification since 2019.  Additional education includes various professional development programs including International Business relations through the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai, China.  He was appointed to the Board of Directors for the Canadian, Australian & New Zealand Business Association (CANZBA) in 2018 and has been Project Advisor and Mentor for Queens MBA Candidates since 2017.

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