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Calgary Team


Emma Pope


Areas of Expertise

  • General Business Management

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Organizational Development

  • Information Technology Advisory

  • Marketing Management


Emma works out of WMC’s Calgary office and offers insights and modern approaches to help businesses achieve their maximum potential.

Strategic and creative in her actions, Emma has a passion for critical thinking and problem solving and brings the best recommendation to the forefront.  Her ability to clearly communicate with others positions her as a leader who takes ownership and drives results.

Emma has proven skills in the areas of project management, analysis, communication and leadership. She has led corporate-wide change initiatives and developed strategies to drive sales.

Significant experience in marketing has afforded Emma a keen understanding of brand development, customer retention strategies and advertising techniques.  With her creative eye, imaginative thought process and keen attention to detail, she developed multiple mass advertising campaigns in pursuit of acquiring new customers and retaining high risk churn customers.

She holds an MBA from Queen’s University; a BSc Marketing degree from Oakland University (Honours); and has a Certification Master of Managed Change.

In her free time Emma enjoys being active, playing & coaching sports, hiking, skiing…you name it! Emma also enjoys being involved with the entrepreneurial community and often volunteers to support and mentor entrepreneurs as they grow their business.

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