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What We Do

professional management consultants, strategy, leadership, transformation

Western Management Consultants (WMC) is one of the longest standing and most respected Canadian names in management consulting. Independent and objective, WMC delivers lasting results across many practice areas in both the public and private sectors. We offer a wide range of management consulting services and our degree of repeat business and ongoing client relationships are due primarily to the quality of work delivered and the degree of client satisfaction from accomplished results.



The Intersection of Can & Do

We provide practical solutions that work for your organization and culture. 

When you engage WMC, you benefit from close collaborations with senior experts who bring depth of experience over a broad range of disciplines. Our clients appreciate the efficiency of working directly with practitioners with proven expertise and competence. 

From start to finish, we work with you offering independent, highly objective advice enabling you and your organization to achieve inspiring results.

Our goal is to accurately diagnose and resolve complex business issues; deliver results, not studies or theories; add real value by getting it done; and solve the problem at hand.


CMC Designation

WMC is a proud supporter of Canada’s single voice for management consulting, the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (‘CAMC’).  CAMC members are bound by a number of ethical and industry standards that non-CAMC firms are not and the majority of the current professional staff are members of their provincial Institutes of Certified Management Consultants.  We subscribe to the code of professional conduct and the Code of Ethics of these Institutes and have been, and continue to be, active on Institute councils and in national and international Institute affairs.



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