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Strategic Advisory

We work with leaders preparing themselves, their people and their organizations for the future. We support them through the process of making sense, making choices and making it happen. We offer informed and objective advice and afford the clarity of purpose that allows you to compete and thrive. If you need help determining and delivering your organization’s strategic priorities get in touch. We’ll work together to keep you on target.

WMC’s strategic advisory consulting practice is based on the belief that organizations should continually monitor internal and external events to enable timely changes to organizational plans.

If your organization needs support in developing effective operational and business plans that connect your strategic priorities with your operational capabilities, WMC can help you engage with relevant stakeholders to:

  • Develop, evolve or validate your organization’s Vision and Mission statements

  • Identify and confirm strategic priorities and objectives

  • Design goal and outcome measures to be monitored continually to assess your organization’s performance

Some examples of our Strategic Advisory services:

  • Strategic Planning - Mission Vision Value and Strategic Priorities

  • Governance

  • Executive Coaching

  • Business Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Economic Development/ Analysis and Impact

  • Stakeholder Engagement



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